The wedding will take place in Cristo-Rei, in Lisbon, at the monument of Christ that comes up in all the photos of Rio de Janeiro and some of Lisbon itself. How do you get there? You do have to cross the bridge either by swimming, train, boat, bus/car. This is how Cristo-Rei looks like when you are crossing the bridge from Lisbon to Almada:

Cristo-Rei Margem Sul


So let us start from the ending. If you are already in Lisbon you can either:

- Take the ferry-boat. [] Cais-do-Sodre -> Cacilhas. Come with time, you will enjoy it better if you are not in a rush. You are probably downtown so either walking/metro/bus you should go towards CAIS-DO-SODRE and from there take any ferry taking you to CACILHAS. Do ask people around, they don't bite and will help you. All information can be found at:

- Take the train. [] Campolide -> Pragal. The train can be entered in several locations in the city of Lisbon, you should coordinate it with your accommodation and subway/bus line. Though, there is one only station where you can come out - Pragal - if you don't intend to go further south to somebody else's wedding. All schedules are available at but please, if you choose this option let us know before hand. We can arrange somebody to pick you up at the station. 

- Take the Bus. [] Lisboa -> Almada,  Bus 152 (from Praca de Espanha close to Gulbenkian) /160 (from Areeiro)/ 176 (from Cidade Universitaria)

+ walking/taxi/bus 101  Cacilhas -> Cristo Rei

To go back people have been asking about taking the taxi. The taxi fees are usually 0.94/1.13 per km or 14.8/14.8 per hour (at day/night) and you can check that at

The wedding venue and the after party in the beach are several km away so we need to organize transport. If you have free seats in your car or need a free seat let us know.

The wedding venue is Santuario do Cristo-Rei [] at the google maps address:

National Sanctuary of Christ the King
Alto do Pragal

As the after-party venue, PeNu Restaurant [] doesn't show in Google Maps you can search for

Kontiki - Beach Bar, Rua Mário Viegas, Portugal

which is close by and can give you already a perspective.

A nice MAP of ALMADA here for you

mapa de Almada

it can be found in:

Otherwise, as I cannot forget we live in the XXI Century, the website of the wedding place is and the not so nice but useful Google Maps reference is the following:,-9.171358,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0xd1934e79edcc73d:0x640bf28fe6e9ea81